S-cape x Mystetskyi Arsenal: the collection of accessories with Ukrainian avant-garde artists' works

Dear friends, we are presenting a collection we’ve been preparing in common with Mystetskyi Arsenal for a while. It’s dedicated to Ukrainian avant-garde artists' works, which belong to the Mystetskyi Arsenal museum collection and were displayed at the Futuromarennia exhibition.


The last preparations for the presentation and photography set of the collection happened on February 21st, and on February 24th the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia began… We have resumed our work on this collaborative project to contribute to the achievement of several tasks: the promotion of twentieth-century Ukrainian art in the world, the activation of the Ukrainian economy, and the support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

One of the S-cape goals is to make the invisible visible: to communicate important ideas to us in the most reachable way so that as many people as possible learn about them. One of such ideas is the popularization of Ukrainian art both in the country and abroad. We believe that if works of art begin to appear on the streets in the form of prints, patterns, and elements of clothing, it will inspire many to discover more of the Ukrainian avant-garde, futurism, and our national art in general.

The works of avant-garde artists became part of prints on our snoods, bucket hats, crossbody bags, and rain covers. We have used for prints the works of Vasyl Yermylov (cover of the almanac “Mystetski materiialy avanhardu” (Avant-garde Art Materials). Kharkiv, 1929. Paper, printing), Oleksandr Bohomazov (Kyiv Landscape. Kyiv, 1910s. Paper, gouache), Anatol Petrytskyi (sketch for a warrior costume design for the “Nur and Anitra” ballet. Moscow, 1923).

Accessories will be available for purchase both in Ukraine and abroad, and 20% of sales of the items from this collection will be transferred to initiatives helping the Ukrainian army.