About us


S-cape is a brand of bright and technologically advanced raincoats and jackets for city life, traveling and good mood. We want to inspire people to discover the world around them, no matter how bad the weather gets.

Our motto is: the weather is no obstacle for adventures.
After all, you can enjoy life, traveling and walks despite the rain or snow. We want to convey the idea that wearing our jacket or raincoat, you can set out on a journey, go for a walk, or simply run errands in the city in any weather without being afraid of getting wet or cold.

Active people often want to stand out from the crowd of monochrome black jackets, and that’s exactly why we make our jackets and raincoats in bright, juicy colors. Not only do our garments put their owners in a good mood, but they also make people around a bit happier.

The brand S-cape was created by Natalia Aleksievich and Oksana Sventakh in 2015. All products are made in Ukraine, the production is located in Rivne.