Poncho (Не) хочу обіймів

Membrane breathable waterproof fabric 10000/5000, 100% nylon
Teflon DuPont DWR finish
Seams sealing technology
Accessories from YKK, Due Emme and Prym
Lightweight lining, 100% nylon
Breathable and resistant to wind and rain
The depth of the hood is adjustable
The poncho is packable and lightweight

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2 295 ₴


2 550 ₴

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Wash & care instructions

Choose gentle washing cycle, use mild liquid detergent.

Make sure that all zippers are zipped and snaps are closed when washing.

Do not dry clean, it can reduce the thermal efficiency of insulation and damage membrane.

We recommend tumble drying at low temperature or drying in shade.

We do not recommend ironing, it can damage the insulation.

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